Have you ever noticed how your dog loves to relax while her head is conveniently propped up? Katherine Elizabeth did! That is why she created the Dreamease bolster, which allows your pet to maintain her favorite head-propped position while maintaining proper body alignment. This is the signature feature of all Katherine Elizabeth pet bed designs.

The Dreamease Cushion is the perfect complement to the Dreamease Bolster. The solid visco elastic cushion is the same quality and support of a mattress made for people. While most pet beds on the market lack the proper thickness and elasticity to provide correct orthopedic support, the Dreamease Cushion supports your pet’s body shape while putting zero stress on her joints and body frame.

The Dreamease Cushion and Bolster were custom designed to fit into the designer pet ottoman platform, transforming them into a complete, functional furniture piece. The designer pet ottoman platform comes in matching sizes to the cushion and bolster set. It is available in a variety of attractive finishes to compliment your home’s décor.

KE (Katherine Elizabeth Designs) Pet furniture is lovingly made for and inspired by pets and tested and perfected by feedback from veterinarians. By observing her own pets’ natural tendencies and desires to feel safe and secure in their environment, Katherine Elizabeth created a bed that could give them everything that they could ever want and need. Given that the average pet sleeps fourteen hours every day, providing them with a bed that provides the best possible comfort and support is one of the best investments you can make for your pet’s happiness and long-term health.

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